Monday, July 25, 2016


I have been contacting the spirit of Mary Magdalene lately and it has been extremely enlightening. I love Her Grace and knowing and I feel that all the negative grime from everyday living lifts off my spirit when conversing with Her. She has the most soothing voice, like a gentle hum but with a buzzing depth. I lost a lot of faith in Los Angeles. I lost faith in the entertainment industry, I lost faith in humanity, and most of all I lost faith in myself. I would pray throughout my journeys but I don’t feel like I was grounded enough to actually connect. Throwing myself to the wind and hoping the world would receive me was a great risk, and I took it… even though it terrified me. I learned that perfect dreams are hard to manifest in an imperfect world. If I want a perfect vision to be brought to light, I need to find my perfect circle.

Perfection is an ideal that we all have. Where did it come from? Who sets the standard for perfection? In a competitive economy we shift that ideal according to popular demand. What if perfection was innocence? What if reverence for life rather than exploitation of nature and resources was the means to perfection?

A couple of days ago my friend Joey P told me that it was the first time since I came home to NYC that I looked safe. I really appreciated that sentiment and observation. I am not perfect, but I am definitely feeling closer to the Goddess and Lord who hold such divine standards.

I remember praying to Jesus on my knees by my Precious Moments crucifix when I was 13. I wanted to be a nun when I was younger. It felt right to be one because it felt like a clear path to holiness. I was the outcast in school, and often would get attacked by an African American boy who made fun of the way I walked, the scar on my knee, and how smart I was. I remember getting one vote in my 8th grade class for being the prettiest in the class, and this particular boy yelled “What? Her? Really?” Looking back at it, I know that he could feel how I questioned myself and that was an opening for attack. I know now, we cannot give wicked people an opportunity to manipulate us. We must always be protected.
When I entered College I started to find my niche. I was experimental, brave, empowered, and a bit combative. My emotional wounds were healing and I was highly protective of them. People began to see me for who I was, and I started to realize my connection to Christianity paralleled the story of my suffering in many life times and the resurrection and new life I must create in this life time.
In 2011, I was writing a song called “Woman dressed by the Sun” and I had my first channeling experience. I had channeled the emotions of many beings before, but this story was very clear. It had to do with Mary Magdalene. I remember how deeply I wept when I wrote it. My heart started to open. Shortly after writing the song, I channeled a poem about the history of Mary’s name and the way it had fallen into the hands of wicked people. I had forgotten the connection between the story of Revelations in the Bible and the Woman Dressed by the Sun. However, they were deeply connected to Her message as She moved through me. I am very imperfect, but I am connected to a perfect being. In this, I am called to be a priestess in my music and my message. I am here to offer wisdom and increase the heart space of listeners through my music.

This is the poem I had channeled in 2011, I find it odd that an “Innocent” would disgrace the name of Mary. How ironic... He is not innocent and Mary is not who he coined her to be.

Mary Magdalene
She is the mystery
She is whatever you want her to be
Bitter men cursed her fruit
They called her a sinner and a prostitute
But Fellow sisters followed her
As did love born men
Who attest and confessed
The Kingdom lies within

Peter, the rock, was a chauvinist
who questioned her entrance
Without a male fist
But She never denied Him three times
With the touch of his hand
She'd understand
Oh, weight she'd carry
For the coming of man

The Holy Grail, She fled to  France
Hundreds in Her Wisdom advanced
Priestess and Pilgrim
Who's secrets were burned
Re-written hundreds of years
Away from Fearful
Innocent the Third

We cannot control
The kingdom
As it unveils to believers
The mind control will settle
No lonesome prayer
goes undelivered

A hand will move us
And shake the ground
The waters will feed us
Baptized and crowned
The symbol of a dove
In pentecostal flames
The word was a child
To a Virgin Queen
Who evolved a world
Of love, deplete
When the word died
He left his legacy
A seed to Sarah in silence