Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bubble Bath Meditation for 12-21-12

After a long day of tackling my own thoughts, and making sense of the thoughts around me... nicely laid out in sentences, with confused smiles and bright teary eyes, I felt my confusion rise... and could think of nothing else but water.

Yes, this run-on sentence I began with, was symbolic of my mind: Constantly running with no where to rest. So I let the water steam down into the bathtub... and poured purifying soaps and scents.
Once I stripped myself of the clothes that clung as tightly to me as the residual past, I freed some mental bounds. They were metaphorical for the guises my mind can take. The water fills... reaching into the crevices of the container. 

This was the way water moved: in one motion, but without restriction... free to connect and cohere within currents. 

Blank, went my mind. There was nothing more beautiful or profound than this moment. Within reflexive action... I dried one hand and grabbed for my phone. It was coming. 

I pressed record, and like a swollen bladder, out came my chatter (in song). 

Chanting, and praising, erasing the world of the past. 

One day at a time... 

Here is a link to my chant if you are interested in bringing in the "New World" with my song in mind. 

Love to you and yours. 

~ Jaclyn